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About Us


We started out in 1995 as a small business in Europe and relocated to Illinois in 2002.  Having done hundreds of projects across multiple continents, we have gained exposure to a variety of different techniques and styles.  From traditional American to contemporary European, from cozy little nooks to functional open spaces, we can help you visualize any size of remodeling project.  Let us help you with designing and building a room that expresses your personal style.



Our commitment to you

We will always take the time to fully explain what we are going to do before we do it.  And we won’t begin work until you are comfortable with all the details.  We provide written quotes and a promise to involve you if anything changes.

So happy with how our basement turned out.  They had great suggestions on how to make it even better than I dreamed it would be, and made the ideas in had pictured in my head turn to life.

Kristin Andrus from Elgin, IL